About Us

Our History

Sustech – Sustainable Development through Technology as a business concept derived from Tadg’s 20 year experience from 1976 – 1996 working with multinationals and large transnationals mainly in the application of innovative technology in low waste manufacturing technology and environmental emission controls.  From late 1996 onwards, Government policy changes and EU rules on aids to industry meant that IIRS would be no longer allowed to carry out fee-related consultancy to industry and new EU-based national environmental regulations largely supplanted the need for independent technical assessments by Government.  Tadg took the opportunity to assess if the industrial client base required a private and expert but independent of vendors consultancy service. 

This service would be evaluating designing and troubleshooting environmental emission control technology principally of effluent and waste management.  Sustech was formed in late 1996 with the explicit intent to offer cutting edge expertise in the application of new and innovative technologies on all scales to industrial manufacturing activities both in Ireland and abroad.  Sustech is proud to have a very large client base in Ireland and internationally who have all been the source of repeat business over the near 25 year history of the enterprise.


About Sustech

Sustech seeks to maintain and provide world class expertise in process design, licensing, performance evaluation and troubleshooting of specific applications of environmental technology.  Sustech also assists in regulatory compliance and support for licensing, permitting and planning processes principally to manufacturing industry.  Our expertise is based on continuously updated experience in relevant manufacturing sectors and practical implementation of current scientific research in the field.  Sustech staff maintain an acknowledged expertise in the relevant fields.  Sustech maintains close links with providers of complementary environmental technology expert services nationally and internationally.

Sustech has played a significant role in nationally important innovations such as the introduction of the first and largest bio-membrane effluent treatment installations in the country and the largest applications of that technology in the dairy sector in the world and the first application of that technology in the maltings industry.  Sustech has been involved in the reconfiguration and adaption of many large scale effluent treatment plants in the pharma and dairy sector for major product portfolio changes.


Our People

Consultant - Tadg O'Flaherty

Tadg founded Sustech in 1997 in order to continue to provide environmental impact assessment, IPPC and BAT assessment services as well as independent effluent process design consultancy and troubleshooting services on industrial environmental technology, waste management and site remediation.  Tadg's expertise lies in over 40 years' of implementing leading edge technologies for optimisation and management techniques to key multinational industries in the chemical, pharmaceutical, agrifood and electronic sectors.  Tadg has extensive knowledge and experience of Irish, UK and EU legislation, guidance and best practices for environmental sectors including water and wastewater, solid waste management, contaminated land remediation, hazardous substances, EIA, strategic environmental assessment and others.


Director - Eoghan O'Flaherty

Eoghan has been a part of Sustech since 2008. With a passionate interest in the science of the interfaces between humans and our natural water resources, he completed his undergraduate degree in Trinity College Dublin in 2009, B.A. (Mod.) Environmental Science, with a final year project on the assessment of biological foaming in activated sludge. This led to postgraduate work on wastewater characterisation and assessment using respirometry in the TCD Centre for the Environment. He was also awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics from TCD in 2012.

Over the past 14 years, Eoghan has developed a depth of experience in a wide variety of fields pertaining to environmental services. As a published author with specialist knowledge in activated sludge wastewater treatment systems, he has helped industrial clients design, upgrade, optimise and troubleshoot performance in their wastewater treatment plants across Ireland and further afield. Complementing his work with wastewater treatment plants, he also has substantial experience in identifying and assessing appropriate discharge pathways for effluent post-treatment. He has considerable experience in managing effluent discharge projects which can typically include assimilative capacity assessments, surface water and groundwater assessments, site risk evaluations, discharge licensing and regulation.

Given the abundance of environmental legislation and regulation in Ireland and the EU, Eoghan also has experience in the design and implementation of environmental strategies for our clients which ensure that they continue to comply with existing or pending legislation and regulation (e.g. EU BAT BREF impact assessment). By the very nature of our client base, he has a comprehensive understanding of the entire Industrial Emissions Directive licensing process (formerly IPPC licences) from initial application to licence review and finally licence surrender.

He has experience in auditing and implementation of ISO 14001 and EMAS standards in industrial sites, particularly with regard to effluent treatment and aqueous wastes.

Eoghan has a keen interest in using data analytics and modelling techniques to enable our clients to make informed, economically feasible and environmentally sound decisions in the data-rich field of environmental science.