Delivering sustainable environmental, water and wastewater solutions through technology


Sustech is not just about the application of the latest and greatest technological solutions for environmental emissions.   Independent of any vendor, we work alongside clients, stakeholders, technology providers and regulators, at a national, EU and international level to piece together the jigsaw of inputs to deliver a sustainable solution for a site which is both cost effective and delivers the highest possible performance without compromising environmental emissions.

Typical inputs into the development of any sustainable environmental solution include:

  • client requirements and future site plans
  • industrial and/or municipal geographical needs
  • demographics
  • logistics
  • environmental assimilative capacities
  • regulatory requirements
  • environmental and planning controls
  • identifying suitable technological solutions
  • utility requirements
  • existing asset assessment

Drawing on over 40 years' experience in the field of environmental assessment and water and wastewater treatment, Sustech provides process design, optimisation and troubleshooting services to all stakeholders seeking to deliver viable, practical and sustainable options.